Professional cuckoo clock repair in Boston area shop

Professional wall clock repair in Boston area shop

Providing "through the mail repairs" with nationwide shipping,
for those outside the Boston, MA area

Fast Service • Technical Excellence
Extensive Parts & Movement Inventory • Experience

Modern Wall, Banjo, Schoolhouse, and Regulator Clocks
Servicing brands including, but not limited to: Howard Miller, Ridgeway, Ethan Allen, Sligh, Trend, Baldwin, W. Haid, New England Clock Company, Seth Thomas, Wuersch, Mason & Sullivan, Elgin, Hamilton, Ansonia, Hermle, Kieninger, and many others.

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Expert Modern Wall Clock Repair. Specializing in modern (those with German-made mechanisms that were manufactured after 1950) wall clocks, banjo clocks, regulator clocks, schoolhouse clocks, and chiming clocks.

From that little Seth Thomas (or other) wall or banjo clock with 1 or 2 winders, that you or a family member purchased in a furniture store in the 1960s; to that chiming wall clock that you or a parent received as a gift from your employer in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s for 25 years' service with The Company; to the much larger, more ornate, and absolutely beautiful Howard Miller, Ridgeway, Sligh (or other) triple chime mahogany wall clock that you bought in the 1980s or 1990s in a furniture store or clock retailer (and anything in between or after); I can repair most wall clock brands and models that were manufactured in the last 40 to 50 years that contain German, or West German, mechanisms. I also service the "kit" wall clocks that many people built and assembled themselves in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s from published plans and do-it-yourself "kits".

Dedication. Full-service modern wall clock repair, full-time. Clock repair is not my hobby, not my sideline, and is not an afterthought at my shop. It's what I do full-time, not what a do as an avocation after a day at the office. I offer factory-style, expert clock repair, and have invested in the tools, equipment, and parts inventory required to repair modern wall clocks properly and quickly. Clock repair is my career, and my customers and their clocks are the beneficiaries of that.

Extensive Inventory. Brand new, factory-genuine repair parts imported from Germany, in stock, for most wall clock models made since about 1960, at all times. Replacement mechanisms, new hands, new pendulums, and new dials; plus numerals, parts, accessories, and hardware, are kept right on hand, in stock, for use in repairs. In fact I stock what I believe to be the largest inventory of replacement wall clock parts, components, and accessories in the Boston area. In most cases, I will have the parts needed to repair your clock (a new mechanism) or upgrade its appearance (a new pendulum, a new dial, or new hands, etc.) right at my shop, with no need to "special order" anything.

Experience. In fact, a lifetime of experience in the clock business: I learned the business not from a book or a video tape, but from my father as I grew up. In the 1970s and 1980s, while my young peers were watching television and playing video games (or worse), I was usually in the basement of our home, in my Dad's watch and clock shop, learning the clock repair business from him. Please see "about me" for more details.

I want to repair your modern wall clock. I welcome the opportunity to serve you, while some shops in the Boston area and across the USA will view your "repair request" as an inconvenience or an insult, because they only want to work on clocks that are hundreds of years old, hand made, and worth thousands of dollars.

I offer clock repair "without the attitude".  My desire and willingness to repair modern wall clocks, and my outright solicitation of this business in the Boston area, set me apart from many other clock repair shops in northeastern Massachusetts. My combination of experience, technical expertise, and parts inventory for modern wall clocks is unique to Boston area; and my fast, reliable, and no-nonsense and "no attitude" approach to repairs, set me apart from many other shops not just in the Boston area, but across the country. 

Fast, dependable service. Clock repairs are generally completed in several days, or at most, a few weeks. No long waits, no hassles, no problems, no headaches, and no disappointment. Some shops require months, or even years, for repairs that ought to take a couple weeks or a month.

2-YEAR guarantee on complete repairs. The guarantee covers everything: parts and labor. In terms of time and coverage, that's the best guarantee on clock repair offered in the Boston area. Nationally, that's among the best guarantees you'll get.

Reliability. Repaired clocks are as good as new, and they work properly. They don't "sort of work", and they don't "sometimes work", THEY WORK ... period! In fact, after I've repaired clocks, they do what they're supposed to do, and do it properly and consistently (as well as they did when they were new). Some shops don't actually repair clocks, they "tinker" with clocks, and often return the clock to you working worse than when you brought it to them!

If you've ever been told by other shops that modern wall clocks "can't be repaired", or that they're "junk", or have ever paid a so-called "clock repair man" or a "jeweler" to try to "fix" your clock, and were disappointed in either him, or in the results he provided (or both), then please consider using my services. Let me show you what I can do, using factory-style repair methods and genuine factory parts (and let me show you how fast it can be done). I consider myself the best clock repair shop in the Boston area for the servicing of modern (post-1950) wall clocks, and with the advent of the Internet and the exposure it provides, I am pleased to be able to offer my clock repair services to a broader audience than I could prior. Yes, I will repair your clock "through the mail" if you're not local to me. Please see my shipping page.

Modern Wall clock repair, QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS:

  • Are estimates/price quotes free? Yes.
  • Before I bring or send the clock to you, can you tell me, in general, how much does a repair cost? This depends on the clock, the problems it has, the cost of the parts, and the amount of time that it requires to repair. I do not post prices on the Internet. Please call me, and I'd be most happy to present a general cost range to you for your clock. The shop phone number is on my "contact page". During the phone call, if you describe the clock to me, I will roughly quote you a price range as a courtesy (subject to revision upon my actual inspection of the clock), and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Can you repair my clock?  I specialize in modern (post-1950) "time only", "time and strike", and "chiming" wall clocks that contain German-made or West-German mechanisms. If your clock's mechanism is German and of this vintage, then chances are, yes, I can repair it (see the list of brands I service at the top of this page). And of course, just call or write if you're not sure what you have (or not sure if I can repair it), and I'll try to answer you as to its "repairability". Please see my "contact page".
  • My clock was made before 1950. Can you repair it? Maybe. Please call, or write, and I'll be happy to determine with you whether or not I can repair what you have.
  • I thought clocks were supposed to "last forever". Do they? Unfortunately, no. Modern wall clocks, if operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, have a life expectancy of only about 10-15 years before developing major internal mechanical problems and failing to run, or to run well. They do not last "forever", as is the common misconception. Sometimes they can last as long as 25-30 years before failing, but this is rare; usually they're worn out and in need of major repairs or replacement by the time they reach age 15.
  • What happens inside my clock that it "wears out"? Over time, mainsprings (winding springs) weaken, or crack, or break; barrels (the cylindrical containers that contain the mainsprings on modern German clocks) wear out; pivots (the "tips" of the arbors on which the wheels [gears] are mounted, and which run in the clock's front and rear bearings) become scored and become thinner; and the front and rear bearings (bushings) wear out. All of these things (as well as other factors) combine to cause your clock to not run, or to not run well.

    So if your wall clock is about 10-15 years old (or more), and it's not running properly or at all, this is completely normal, and is probably why you're looking over this web page seeking a repair shop.
  • How do you repair modern clocks? What will you do to my clock? Generally, the best "repair" on modern clocks, is to replace the mechanism with a brand new one. This turns your clock into a brand new clock, for the price of a repair, and I invite you to inquire about doing so. I stock most mechanisms, brand new from Germany, right at my shop.
  • I had someone else repair the clock, and he charged a "reasonable fee", but the clock didn't really work right when I got it back. What did he do? That's difficult to say, but I would guess that he did not do a very good job, and probably did not install any new parts or a new mechanism.

    Wall clocks are often, but not always, victims of poor quality repairs by "repairmen" who, for a cheap price or for free, "repaired" the clock. Often, these "repairmen", in their benevolent repair attempts, did more harm than good to the clock. Bringing your clock to an un-, or under-qualified repair shop, or to a shop that does not use and install brand new, factory-genuine parts, and having the clock perform worse when you got it back than when you brought it there, is NOT uncommon.

    For your clock's proper running,  it should be important to you to have your clock serviced by a shop that has the tools to do the job properly, the dedication to do the job well, and a full inventory of factory-genuine parts from Germany. I am pleased to be able to offer you such a shop, and my services.

If your question was not answered above, or if you have further questions or would like to bring or send your clock to me, please call me and I'd be happy to speak with you. See contact page for my telephone and fax numbers, and my e-mail address.

Thank you for looking.

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