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Mantel Clock Repair

  • Expert professional repair of your antique mantel clock.
  • Worn-out movements completely stripped-down and rebuilt.
  • Servicing most "Connecticut Clock" brands from the late 1800s and early to mid 1900s.
  • Experience…in fact a lifetime in the "mantel clock repair" business.
  • Technical expertise; service excellence.
  • Complete machine shop on site for custom-making replacement parts.
  • Two-year guarantee on major repairs.

Services Offered:

  • Minor repairs/adjustments (when appropriate)
  • Major repairs: movement (mechanism) strip-down and rebuild

Specializing in:

  • American "time and strike" mantel clocks with pendulums, from Connecticut and New York USA ; 1800s to 1900s. (Click here for modern mantel clock repair, i.e. clocks built from ca. 1960 to the present).

Quick Facts:

JFK Clock Repair is THE Boston-area and southern New England source for professional, competent mantel clock repair for antique mantel clocks.

Mantel clock repair for all of the USA : JFK is pleased to offer his repair services to customers throughout the USA and beyond. By 2009, customers in all 50 states and some 6 foreign countries had had their clocks repaired by JFK. Please see "Shipping" or please inquire.

Are you ready to have YOUR clock repaired? Please Contact Me. Otherwise, more details (and a "questions and answers" section) about my services may be found below.

CLOCK KEY SALES: Need a new replacement Seth Thomas, Ingraham, Ansonia , New Haven (or other) Clock Key? Clock Keys for Sale.

More Details:

Dedication. The repair of your clock is my career, period. Clocks are not my hobby; they are not things I "tinker with"; and they are not things I do as a "sideline" after a week at the office.

Machine shop on site. When your clock needs new parts or components that cannot be purchased commercially, chances are I can make it, fit it, and install it in your clock. JFK has made, and can make, custom-made barrels, arbors, gears (wheels), escape wheels, pivots, and other components for your clock’s repair needs. To see some examples of my work, click HERE.

Experience. In fact, a lifetime of experience in the mantel clock business. My first words were "tick tock", and I have been around, and in, the clock repair business ever since.

I want to repair your mantel clock, and to do so properly. I welcome the opportunity to serve you. My experience, technical expertise, machine shop, and parts inventory for antique mantel clocks are at your service.

2-YEAR guarantee on complete repairs. The guarantee covers everything: parts and labor, for 2 years. In terms of time and all-inclusive coverage, my guarantee is the best guarantee on clock repair offered in the Boston area.

Reliability. Repaired clocks are as good as new, and they work properly. They don't "sort of work", and they don't "sometimes work", THEY WORK ... period! In fact, after I've repaired clocks, they do what they're supposed to do, and do it properly and consistently (as well as they did when they were new).

I have been repairing clocks for customers in the Boston area for nearly 20 years. With the advent of the Internet and the exposure it provides, I am pleased to be able to offer my clock repair services more broadly than I was able to do prior. Please see my shipping page.

Antique Mantel clock repair, QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS:

  • Are estimates/price quotes free? Rough quotes to give you a "general idea" of price are done at no cost to you. If you desire, a detailed examination of your clock, with an accurate price quote specific to your clock’s needs, can be done for a fee.
  • Before I bring or send the clock to you, can you tell me, in general, how much does a repair cost? Yes. (See above, and please inquire).
  • Can you repair my clock? I specialize in antique "time and strike" mantel clocks that contain American-made brass mechanisms, such as those that were manufactured in Connecticut , USA , from about 1880 onwards. Seth Thomas, Ingraham, William L. Gilbert, E.N. Welch, New Haven , and Sessions are common clock brands from the era, and are the types that I repair.
  • My clock was made before 1880. Can you repair it? Maybe. Please call, or write, and I'll be happy to determine with you whether or not I can repair what you have.
  • What clocks won't you repair? Several types, but I'll provide a few examples. Antique American-made chiming clocks, built before about 1940. These are clocks with 3 winders instead of 2 and that chime every 15 minutes. Seth Thomas, New Haven , etc. generally manufactured them in the 19-teens, 1920s, and 1930s. Also, I do not repair antique cable-drive weight clocks from the mid-1800s such as Pillar and Scroll styles, "Ogee" types, triple deckers, etc. I also do not repair antique French, or British clocks. And I do not repair "wooden works" clocks.
  • Why won't you repair my clock? Because of the constraints of time. These above-listed clocks (and others too numerous to list), although perhaps within my skills, are simply not within my business focus. There is no "time per month" to repair anything other than "what I repair". I learned, long ago, that I cannot "do it all".
  • I thought clocks were supposed to "last forever". Do they? No. They have a limited service life, and need repairs when the end of that life is reached. Antique mantel clocks generally need repair because their mechanisms have years of dirt and old oil accumulated on them, as well as many years of wear-and-tear.
  • What do you actually "do" to a clock to repair it? Some of the steps taken by me to repair antique mantel clocks may be seen HERE.

Thank you for looking.

If your question was not answered above, or if you have further questions or would like to bring or send your clock to me, please contact me.

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