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I do not attempt to repair "Made in Korea" (or Japan, or China) 30-day and 31-day clocks in the traditional sense of the word "repair". There is limited parts availability for them, and I have found that they are troublesome while on the bench, and are often problematic and unreliable after any repair attempt. Since I cannot reliably predict how long it would take me to repair one (All day? Two days?), and since I cannot guarantee that it will work, or work well, after I've repaired it, I avoid attempting to repair this type of clock.

But because of the prevalence and popularity of these clocks, and their owners' desire to keep them working, my father and I long-ago developed a method by which to convert these common, popular clocks to battery-powered operation. This allows you to still have that clock that's been in your home for so long, but eliminates the need to wind it every month, or to worry about getting it repaired when it wears out or fails to operate properly.

Other benefits include: Nearly perfect timekeeping: The battery powered quartz movement that's installed is accurate to within a couple minutes per year. Predictable repairability: when the battery powered mechanism fails after several years' use, a new one can be installed. There will be no guesswork at the repair shop as to how long it will take, or IF it will work afterward. When the battery mechanism fails, a new mechanism can be installed, and it's guaranteed to work, and work properly. Good looks and great sound: the conversion has a swinging pendulum, and a high-quality, great sounding "gong" that sounds on the hour and half-hour. Continuity: The original outer wooden case of the clock stays the same, the dial (the face) stays the same, and although the hands and pendulum are changed (the original hands and pendulum will not fit the battery-powered mechanism), the types I install look very similar to the originals.

Battery conversion is an excellent alternative to a traditional "repair", whereby your clock is changed for the better but "stays the same" in many respects. Once converted, the only annual "maintenance" required is to change the battery each year.

I have all the components for battery conversions in stock, and can offer fast dependable service on converting these clocks. Please call or e-mail me if you have any questions on 30-day or 31-day clock "battery conversions" ( please see my "contact page").

(Please note: I supply all parts, labor, installation, and a 2-year guarantee covering the whole job. I do not supply battery conversion "kits" for do-it-yourselfers).

Do you just need to buy a new replacement key for your 30-day or 31-day "Made in Korea" wall or mantel clock? Purchase a replacement key HERE.

Thank you for looking.

-- John Kurdzionak

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