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large Urgos suspension spring; 7/16" x 1-11/16"  
Reference: UW-Large
large Urgos suspension spring; 7/16" x 1-11/16"

Size: 7/16-inch width (a little less than ½ inch), by 1-11/16 inch total length (a little less than 1-3/4 inches). Compare photo with UW-Small.

A large sized suspension spring for German-made, chain-wound and cable-wound, Urgos ("UW") mechanisms (movements) in modern (made after 1960) grandfather and grandmother clocks.

It is a unique spring design that only fits clocks with mechanisms by Urgos, made mostly during the 1980s, including clocks by Howard Miller; Ridgeway; Ethan Allen; Sligh; Trend; New England Clock Company (Co.); Seth Thomas; Wuersch; Mason & Sullivan; and others.

Fits popular Urgos 030-series, 031-series, and 660-series mechanisms, including: UW 03020, UW 03021, UW 03106, UW 03109, UW 66002, UW 66015, UW 66020, etc. (In general, any Urgos "UW" mechanism that begins with UW 030, 031, or 660 and then 2 more numbers, will take this suspension spring). Example: UW 03114 (this is UW "031", and then "14").

Price: $26.95

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