Expert clock repair by John Kurdzionak

JFK Clock Repair, Return and Refund Policy

Exchanges: Are given.

If you purchase the wrong item, or the wrong size, etc. you may exchange it for the correct one. I will assist you in selecting the right one and will ship it to you quickly. Just contact me and I will get the correctly-fitting items out to you at once. No restocking fees, no hassles, no nonsense. Please return the incorrect item(s). Clock oil and clock motors are not returnable for refunds.

Refunds: Are given, for those cases in which I have your money and I cannot supply the correctly fitting item for your clock. Example: you have purchased a grandfather clock door key from me, and I cannot supply one that will work inside your clock's lock. Return the item(s) and you will receive a refund in full of the purchase price. Postage + shipping, etc. is not refundable. Note: Refunds are not given if you "change your mind", or if you "buy and return" (see below).

"Changing your Mind": If you order an item, and if it's correct, if it fits your clock, etc., but you simply want to return it, this is what I call "buy and return" or "changing your mind". This type of return is not accepted and refunds are not issued.

There is a reason for this. Many people buy the correct parts and then "change their mind", or buy parts simply to see if their clocks "work", and then return the parts.

Accepting "no questions asked returns", to accommodate people who "change their mind", or to cater to people who buy parts "just to see if their clocks work", would require that I spend a substantial amount of time per week (in the past, it was 1 to 2 hours per week) shipping parts that were simply going to be returned to me. 

Call me "old-fashioned", but if something is simply going to be returned to me by someone who had no interest in keeping it to begin with, I would prefer not sell it in the first place.

My "no return/no refund" policy is so that people who "buy and return" items they buy, or who tend to "change their minds" after a purchase, will do so at other websites (and will consume other peoples' time in doing so).

I sincerely thank you for your business, and I look forward to supplying your needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

- John F. Kurdzionak
JFK Clock Repair

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