Professional cuckoo clock repair in Boston area shop

Professional cuckoo clock repair in Boston area shop

Providing "through the mail repairs" with nationwide shipping,
for those outside the Boston, MA area

Fast Service • Technical Excellence
Extensive Parts & Movement Inventory • Experience

  Hoenes cuckoo clock repair: JFK Clock Repair is an official service center for HÖNES GmbH Uhrenfabrik (Hoenes cuckoo clock), of Titisee-Neustadt, in the Black Forest of Germany.

John F. Kurdzionak (JFK) provides EXPERT repair of your in-warrantee, or out-of-warrantee "Hoenes" cuckoo clock.

When considering where to bring, or to send, your treasured Hones cuckoo clock for repair, please consider that JFK Clock Repair:
  • Has a lifetime of experience in the cuckoo repair business
  • Has been to the Hones factory and personally knows the management
  • Has DIRECT access to genuine Hones parts and components.

Cuckoo Clocks:

German, W. (West) German, Black Forest, Austrian, and Swiss cuckoo clock repair, servicing brands including (but not limited to): Anton Schneider, D. Höenes (D. Hones; Titisee-Neustadt), H. Herr (Hubert Herr), Regula, Schmeckenbecher (Schmeckenbecker), Schatz, Schatz 8 Day, Koma, C.C.C. Triberg, HECO, Kuner, Dold, Cuendet, Reuge, MAPSA, River City, Lotscher, Albert Schwab, Karlsruhe and others.

Also providing cuckoo clock repair for clocks that were made in (or are labeled) the Black Forest, Germany, W. Germany, West Germany, Switzerland, or Austria.

Services Offered:
*   New clock setup and testing   *   Re-hang chains   *   Minor repair/adjustment   *
*   Major repair/mechanism replacement (with music box rebuild/replacement)   *

Most clock shops can't repair your cuckoo clock, don't know how to, or do not want to. Many websites editorialize on how cuckoo clocks are "junk" and "cannot be repaired".

JFK Clock Repair is THE Boston-area and New England source for professional, competent cuckoo clock repair. And the Internet has allowed me to be able to offer my cuckoo repair services nationally, and internationally, "through the mail", to those cuckoo clock owners not local to me in Woburn, MA, USA. Please see my shipping page.

Your cuckoo clock is probably of substantial sentimental value to you, and its proper operation is important to you. You don't want it "tinkered with", nor do you want it repaired by someone whose website says that your clock is junk or is "not repairable".

Whether you're close to Boston, across the country, or abroad, JFK Clock Repair is THE place to bring, or send, your cherished cuckoo clock, and I earnestly solicit your business. Nobody in New England does cuckoo repair better than JFK, and very few places in the USA are my equal.

Are you ready for your clock to be repaired by a competent technician/mechanic who’s been "in the business" repairing cuckoos since his teens? (Twenty years ago). Whether you're close to Boston or across the country, JFK Clock Repair is THE place to bring, or send, your cherished cuckoo clock, and I earnestly solicit your business. Nobody in New England does cuckoo repair better than JFK, and very few places in the USA are my equal.

Expert Cuckoo Clock Repair. Specializing in modern cuckoo clocks made after 1950 in the Black Forest of Germany; Switzerland; and Austria. From that little old cuckoo clock a family member in the military brought home to you from a military "PX Store" in Germany in the 1950s, 60s, or 70s; to that large, ornate, and beautiful souvenir cuckoo clock from the Black Forest that you bought at the House of 1000 Clocks or elsewhere in Germany's Black Forest in the 1980s, 1990s, or 2000s (and anything in between), I can repair most models that were manufactured in the last 40 to 50 years.

Dedication. Full-service modern cuckoo clock repair. I offer factory-style, expert cuckoo repair, and have invested in the tools, equipment, and parts inventory required to repair cuckoos properly, and quickly.

Inventory. Brand new, factory-genuine parts imported from the Black Forest of Germany, in stock, for most cuckoo clock models made since 1960, at all times. Replacement mechanisms; new bellows; new music movements; music movement components; and other parts, accessories, and hardware, are kept right on hand, in stock, for use in repairs.

Experience. In fact, a lifetime of experience in the cuckoo clock business: I learned the business not from a book or a video tape, but from my father as I grew up. In the 1970s and 1980s, while my young peers were watching television and playing video games (or worse), I was usually in the basement of our home, in my Dad's watch and clock shop, learning the clock repair business from him.

Musical cuckoo clocks (that play a musical tune after the bird has cuckooed, such as: Edelweiss, Dr. Zhivago, Walk in the Black Forest, The Happy Wanderer, etc.) done properly. Many shops refuse to attempt to repair musical cuckoo clocks (or simply don't know what they're doing, yet attempt it anyway), thus disappointing the public with either a refusal to repair it, or, a poor-performing or non-performing "repair". But I will not disappoint you. ... I have rebuilt hundreds of cuckoo clock music movements, and stock a full inventory of cuckoo clock music movements and parts/components, including material for Romance, Gueissaz-Jaccard, Reuge-Cuendet, and MAP-S.A. music movement brands. I can rebuild most cuckoo music movements to good as new condition, and can often replace obsolete or "worn-out-beyond-repair" music movements with new ones from my inventory.

Free estimates/price quotes.

Fast, dependable service. Cuckoo repairs are generally returned to you in days or weeks. No long waits, no hassles, no problems, no headaches, and no disappointment.

2-YEAR guarantee on cuckoo repairs, for both parts and labor.

Repaired cuckoo clocks are returned to you as good as new, and they work properly. They don't "sort of work", and they don't "sometimes work", THEY WORK ... period! In fact, after I've repaired cuckoo clocks, they do what they're supposed to do, and do it properly and consistently (as well as they did when they were new), be it just telling time and "cuckooing", or, be it "complications" such as: moving water wheels, dancers, music, beer drinkers, or other complex features that frighten many repair shops away or baffle them during the "repair".

If you've ever been told that cuckoos are "junk", or "can't be repaired", or if you have ever paid a so-called "clock repair man" or a "jeweler" to try to "fix" your cuckoo clock, and were discouraged that it "never really worked right after he fixed it", then please consider using my services. Let me show you what a real cuckoo clock repair shop can do, using factory-style repair methods and genuine factory parts. I ask you to "give me a try" from nearby or from afar.

If you're local to the Boston, MA area, you can bring your cuckoo clock here personally. JFK Clock Repair is generally open to the public about two to three days per week, and welcomes your visit. Please see my Contact Page for details on my business hours & availability. Please see "shipping" if you're not local to me.

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