Professional cuckoo clock repair in Boston area shop

Professional battery clock repair in Boston area shop

Providing "through the mail repairs" with nationwide shipping,
for those outside the Boston, MA area

Fast Service • Technical Excellence
Extensive Parts & Movement Inventory • Experience

Yes, I repair battery (quartz) clocks, whether they're new or old, large or small, wall-hanging or shelf/mantel top, and regardless of their value!

Many shops cannot, prefer not to, do not want to, or REFUSE to accept your quartz battery clock for service. My shop, on the other hand, outright solicits such business.

Most Americans own battery-powered quartz clocks. And most Americans, at some point, need their battery quartz clocks repaired. So I have focused a good deal of my business on the repair of these common, popular clocks.


I have invested in the parts inventory necessary to do repairs to battery clocks quickly and efficiently, and have even created a dedicated repair department at my shop that specializes in servicing my customers' battery powered clocks (and in which no other repairs are done). So while many shops refuse to accept quartz battery clocks for repair (or reluctantly accept the repair but tell you that your clock is "junk", or that make such clocks share a bench with other types of repair), my shop has given such clocks their own department and their own bench, and my shop gives battery clocks the attention and dedication that ALL my customers' and their clocks deserve, and receive.

I'm the only shop near Boston that has set up to repair battery clocks this thoroughly and with this dedication. And most battery clocks can be repaired "through the mail" if you're not local to me in eastern Massachusetts. So if you need a clock repaired, and it's powered by battery, then from near or far, please bring it in, send it in, or inquire by phone or e-mail as to its repairability.

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