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When I became a father some years ago, and when homeownership began to require a few hours’ attention (and work) per week, I considered closing the clock shop until my children were older. But I wanted my children to "grow up" in and around the business with their father, like I did. My first words were "tick tock", and I have been in and around the clock repair business ever since. I wanted my children to have the same experience, and the same memories of their father’s workshop, that I have from my childhood. So JFK Clock Repair was to remain open for this reason!

Also influencing my decision to remain open: YOU.

So many people needed their cuckoos repaired (most shops in the USA can’t or won’t repair them), or needed a "house call" for their grandfather clocks (most shops near Boston MA are unable or unwilling to do "house calls"), that I decided to keep "JFK Clock Repair" open to meet your repair needs. So of course I remained "open" for my past, present, and future customers.

However JFK can only be "open" if on a reduced "retail" schedule. I am simply not able to offer "six days per week retail convenience" to my clock shop customers. There are not enough hours in the week for me to do "everything I do", and still be "open" on a regular retail schedule such as other businesses have.

When I was "open" more days per week, it offered more convenience for more people, but I could not keep up with all the repairs coming in, I could not do "house calls" in a timely fashion, and I could not care for my family or tend to our home’s needs when I needed to. My "limited retail availability" allows me to do everything I need to do for my family, and for my clock shop customers, each and every week.

If you cannot visit when I am "open", private appointments are available. Please inquire.

Thank you for reading this, thank you for your understanding, and thank you very much for your business.

- - John Kurdzionak

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