Professional cuckoo clock repair in Boston area shop

Jefferson Golden Hour Clock Repair
The famous “mystery clock” made by the Jefferson Electric Company

Providing "through the mail repairs" with nationwide shipping,
for those outside the Boston, MA area

J.F.K. Clock Repair can repair the famous Jefferson Golden Hour Clock. This is the electric-powered, gold-rimmed, "see through" mystery clock made by the Jefferson Electric Company from the 1950s until the 1990s.

Motor Replacement   -   Glass Replacement   -   Complete Overhauls

After many years of service (or after many years storage in the attic or basement), your Jefferson Golden Hour Clock is probably not working, or not working well. It will probably need an overhaul, including a new motor and cord, and various other parts installed and repairs done, to make it work correctly. I stock a full inventory of brand new Golden Hour replacement motors, cords, springs, washers, glass, and other parts for use in repairs.

After a complete overhaul, your Golden Hour Clock will be as good as new, and I supply a two-year guarantee that covers parts and labor. A customer who recently had his Golden Hour clock overhauled by JFK wrote the following:

------------Original message ------------
From: William L.
Date: Sep 22, 2009
Subject: Thanks for the Fine Clock Repair!!


My Jefferson clock arrived the other day, and it looks marvelous, and
runs perfectly. My guests are astonished, and my wife is very
pleased. You've put the old memories of my Dad and his clock right
where they belong - here!

Bill L.
Port Angeles , Washington , USA

If you're interested in having JFK repair your Jefferson Golden Hour Clock, please bring it here, ship it here, or contact me to inquire about it. My shipping address, phone number, and e-mail address are on my Contact Page.

Please Note: Due to the non-availability of parts, and these clocks' obsolescence, I regret that I am unable to repair the Jefferson "Golden Minute Clock" or "Golden Helm Clock". I am only able to offer repair service on the Golden Hour Clock.

Thank you very much for looking.

-- John Kurdzionak


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