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Jefferson Golden Hour Clock Motor

Do you need a new motor for your Jefferson Golden Hour Mystery Clock? Is your old motor not working, making too much noise, or running too hot? Are you "handy" and want to try replacing your motor on your own? J.F.K. Clock Repair offers the "do it yourselfer" brand new, replacement Golden Hour clock motors and hardware.

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Jefferson Golden Hour Mystery Clock
Motor (and/or repair) Source!

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Listed below is my "motor replacement kit" for the Golden Hour Mystery Clock.

Important Notice: Motors are not returnable for a refund. Please do not order a motor from JFK if you just want to "see if your clock works", and plan to return the motor for a refund if your clock does not work. For more information about what you can expect (and, should not expect) from a new motor, please read the information in "Things You Should Know" before ordering. Thank you.

Ready to buy? Go directly to the Golden Hour Motor shopping cart. Or, if you prefer to order "the old fashioned way" by mail, fax, or telephone, you can order offline. 

Golden Hour Clock Motors
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#GHMK - Golden Hour Motor Kit $85.00 - A brand new motor for the famous "see through" Golden Hour Mystery clock. Includes 2 brand new mounting screws, and 2 "wire nuts" for connecting the motor leads to the power cord.

Things You Should Know

The motor is the power source for your Golden Hour clock. It provides the "mystery" motion to the glass, and to the minute and hour hands. Your clock cannot operate without a properly running motor.

However, replacing the motor DOES NOT ensure that your clock will work, or work properly. There are often internal problems within your Golden Hour clock, and as such, motor replacement may be just one of several maintenance needs that your clock has.

Other considerations:

1.) Motors are designed to power clocks that are in good running order and in good condition. A new motor is not a "repair" to a clock that has internal mechanical problems.

2.) Motors are guaranteed (by JFK) to run when plugged in, but are NOT guaranteed to make your clock work or work properly. Every motor is plugged in and checked by JFK before it ships to you.

3.) Some Golden Hour clocks will work when a new motor is installed. Many Golden Hour clocks will not work when a new motor is installed, due to internal problems.

4.) Many Golden Hour clocks will work briefly after a new motor is installed, and will at first appear to be OK, but will then fail in service due to internal problems with the clock (and not due to problems with the new motor). If this happens, the brand new motor may have been damaged beyond repair while attempting to operate your worn-out clock. If your clock damages your new motor, another new motor will be needed, along with internal repairs to the clock.

5.) If your clock does NOT work after a new motor is installed (or if it fails soon thereafter), JFK is pleased to repair your Golden Hour clock (if you cannot or do not wish to do the repair yourself). If you hire JFK to repair your clock, the motor you have purchased, if it's still in good condition, can be used by JFK in your clock's repair. The motor is not returnable for a refund.

6.) Please note, that in some cases, a second new motor may need to be purchased (see #4, above).

7.) More information on JFK's return policy can be seen HERE. 

Ordering Offline (by mail, fax, or telephone)

How to order "the old fashioned way":

Send check or money order made payable to "J.F.K. Clock Repair", to: J.F.K. Clock Repair, 96 Cummings Park Drive, Woburn, MA 01801. With your order please tell me who you are; also how to contact you if I need to; and that you are ordering the Golden Hour Clock motor replacement kit. Enclose payment of $85 (check or money order) for the motor kit, and please add one of the following amounts for shipping:

$7.00 Priority Mail to the USA $16.00 Priority Mail to Canada

For other countries, please contact me for a shipping quote.

Or, phone, mail, or fax your credit card number, expiration date, security code (the 3-digit number on the back of your card, above your signature; it is 4 digits on the front of the card for American Express), and your billing address (required). My address is: J.F.K. Clock Repair, 96 Cummings Park Drive, Woburn, MA 01801. My phone and fax numbers are found on my Contact Page.

 VISA CC   MC   Dscover CC   AMEX CC  are accepted.

Please do not e-mail your credit card information, as e-mail is not 100% secure.

Upon receipt of payment, a brand new suspension spring will be mailed to you from my stock.

If you are not in the USA or Canada, please contact me for a shipping quote to your country.

Return Policy

Golden Hour Motors are not returnable for a refund.

If the motor is not damaged from attempting to power a worn out clock, and if it works properly after your installation attempt (but the clock does not run), it may be used in a JFK repair of your clock (if you hire JFK to repair your clock). See details in "Things You Should Know", above.

Please see JFK's return policy, HERE.

Questions? Please Contact Me.

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